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Ladoo App Download For Android (All You Need To Know)

With increasing Internet penetration developers are always coming with something new to attract more and more subscribers. Hence, India’s Internet industry is witnessing a booming growth from last five years, we have witnessed a sudden boom of different Applications for different purposes. The work was previously done by different offline methods are now easily possible through Applications installed on your smartphone. The works like recharge, shopping, paying bills, finding a life partner, banking solutions. All of that work is now stripped down to your smartphone.

The most popular work which is done by smartphone and is also considered an easy way to cut short your recharges costs are free recharge Apps. Free Recharges Apps are very popular amongst youth because they provide easy ways and task to earn money in your App wallet. The money earned can be used for recharges of your mobile phone or can be spent on other coupons or deals.

Now one thing we need to know is that there are dozens of recharges Application which claim to best the best for safer and smoother transactions, but we have to find the best one for the purpose. The one Application which is safe, smooth, easy to understand, and the one which provides the best deals. I looked around the Internet to find such Application, and I found out an Application called Ladoo.

What is Ladoo App and how it works?

Ladoo is recharge Application which is developed by Airloyal Entertainment. The Application provides you different rewards like mobile phone recharges, PayPal credit, DTH recharge, Paytm cash and other coupons and deals. All you have to do is complete some simple tasks like downloading different Applications provided inside the App and keep them installed for sometime. Once the time limit set by Laddo is over you will get a notification by Ladoo related to your earnings. The Applications has more than 10 million downloads on Google playstore. You can have an idea about it’s popularity now.

Is there any other way of earning?

Apart from completing tasks and offers another way of earning great amount of cash is the referral method. Ladoo provides a referral link you have to just share it through different social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, hike, and others and for every download, through the referral link, you will earn a significant amount of income. Most of the Ladoo subscribers have considered Ladoo referral scheme to best as compared to all the recharge Apps out there.

Referring a friend or any relative for Ladoo App is very smooth and fast process. The referral link will provide to you by the App only. You have to just share it through different social media platforms and once your friend will download, install and register in the Application you will get a quick notification related to your earnings.
Is there any other benefits of Ladoo –

Apart from recharging, the earned money can be directly transferred to Paypal or Paytm credit which can be used for anything like shopping online and cab riding. If you’re short of money earned from Ladoo and you want to make an immediate transaction, then you can also use your credit or debit card to load money in Ladoo wallet which an be used fro different tasks like mobile recharges, DTH recharge, Paypal and Paytm credit.

Ladoo doesn’t make you wait for anything it is known for fast transactions for 100% customer satisfaction. And as far the Application is concerned it is also eye-soothing, very easy to use, and doesn’t take much time for loading. More than 10 million customers and 4+ ratings out of 5 on Google playstore prove that.

To get started all you have to do is download and install the Ladoo App and then you have to register to the App. To do that, you have to feed your phone number and your desired password. You will receive an OTP from Ladoo, after feeding that OTP in the Application and then you can start earning.

Download Ladoo App

Why shouldn’t I choose any otherĀ AppĀ over Ladoo?

I admit that there are many recharge Applications that do the same task as Ladoo. But the reason Ladoo can be considered better and the first choice because of the commitment towards the customer. I don’t think there is any other recharge Application that has cross more than 10 million downloads on google playstore. And ladoo is not just limited to recharges, coupons and deals but, it also lets you load money through debit and credit cards, and that feature can be very useful at the time of emergencies when you have to make any urgent transactions.

In many Applications I’ve witnessed a problem of slow transactions and no rewards after task completion, because of technical issues and server errors. That problem occurs mostly in all recharge Application, but if you’re using or going to use Ladoo, then I’m damn sure that problem won’t be happening. The notifications arrives on time with a positive update. It’s rare but if any kind of error occurs in any transaction then it also solved within a short span of time.

So, for features, liability and customer satisfaction are the most prominent reason why someone should only choose Ladoo over any other recharge Application.

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Final Words –

Finally, I have to as that you can definitely trust Ladoo App for recharges, payments and smoother transactions. As I also told you earlier that features, liability, and customer satisfaction are the prominent reasons for the success of any Application and Ladoo have each of them in it. No offense, for other Applications, but I just want to share my opinion about Ladoo App. So don’t wait for long and go fast and download the Ladoo App and earn unlimited.

Updated: May 14, 2017 — 12:08 pm

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